Michelle, Joel, and Chevy Light Up NBC Day at the TCAs

Today it was NBC's turn to show off its new programming at the TCAs in Pasadena. One of the first panels was for Joel McHale's new sitcom where he talked about juggling The Soup and Community saying, "I take a lot of uppers and downers," but also that he won't be able to watch as many clips and will probably miss out on his usual Brett Michaels reality TV fix. Chevy Chase talked about deciding to take the job saying, "I honestly think that films lately aren't as good as most of the stuff on TV." During the Top Chef themed lunch Gail talked about the new Top Chef wine and she and Padma fielded questions during a quickfire challenge on stage with old and new contestants. Michelle Trachtenberg was on one of the day's final panels for Mercy where she said she loves getting to play a nurse "for fakesies" and that Georgina would take the characters shopping to replace their "nurse clogs." Check out more from the panels over on Buzz and all our TCA coverage here.

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