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Go Inside the Obama Girls' Trip Overseas

Mar 26 2014 - 12:00pm

First Lady Michelle Obama headed to China last week with her mom and two daughters as part of an official visit, and the group traveled from Beijing to Xi'an before arriving in Chengdu. Malia and Sasha sported coordinating skirts for their travels, and their grandmother Marian Robinson was all smiles when the group touched down. While in Beijing, they visited schools, practiced calligraphy, and played some ping-pong. Then the foursome headed to Xi'an for some traditional performances, a little jump rope, and sightseeing. On Monday, they touched down in Chengdu, where the first lady joined students in a high school classroom before visiting a panda research center with her daughters. Michelle has also invited people to participate in her trip [1] by reading her travel blog, checking out her podcast series, and following the #FLOTUSinChina hashtag to ask her questions.

Michelle, Malia, and Sasha Obama landed in Beijing with Michelle's mom, Marian, on March 20.

Malia and Sasha Obama coordinated in skirts and tights while traveling.

First Lady Michelle Obama gave a wave when the group arrived in China.

Michelle Obama and her mother, Marian Robinson, shared a moment with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan.

Michelle and her daughters were greeted by the Chinese president in Beijing.

The group posed for a picture at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

The first lady played some ping-pong while visiting a school that prepares students to study at universities abroad.

Michelle Obama had a blast playing ping-pong.

The foursome visited Forbidden City in Beijing with Peng Liyuan, the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Students showed Michelle, Malia, and Sasha remote-controlled mechanical robots.

Michelle tried her hand at controlling the mechanical robots.

The group visited a traditional calligraphy class.

First Lady Michelle Obama practiced traditional Chinese calligraphy in Beijing.

First Lady Michelle Obama was joined by her daughters for a school visit in Beijing.

Students holding American flags were on hand to welcome the first lady.

First Lady Michelle Obama joined performers waving flags in Xi'an.

Michelle Obama hugged Malia and Sasha while they watched a traditional performance in Xi'an.

First Lady Michelle Obama waved flags during her visit to Xi'an.

Michelle had the crowd applauding while she jumped rope.

The first lady jumped into the festivities in Xi'an.

The Obamas visited Xi'an after spending a few days in Beijing.

The first lady gave two thumbs-up while visiting Xi'an with her mom and daughters.

Michelle played with a minicube alongside Malia.

Michelle held on to her two daughters during the performance.

The group visited the Xi'an City Wall during their trip to China.

Michelle, her mother, and her two daughters were greeted when they arrived in Chengdu.

When the group touched down in Chengdu, children gave them panda stuffed animals.

The first lady shook hands with one of the students after performing tai chi with them at a Chengdu high school.

Michelle Obama tried her hand at tai chi with students at a Chengdu school.

Michelle Obama joined students in their classroom at a Chengdu high school.

Michelle Obama checked out a Tibetan prayer wheel while at a restaurant in Chengdu.

The first lady received a Tibetan scarf when she and her daughters were greeted at the restaurant.

Michelle Obama shook hands with students while visiting Chengdu.

The Obama girls visited the Giant Panda Research Base in Chengdu.

Michelle, Malia, and Sasha Obama stopped by a panda research center with Michelle's mom, Marian Robinson.

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