Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Take Matilda to Gymnastics

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Settle In With Matilda in LA

Michelle Williams took Matilda by the hand while taking a stroll with Jason Segel in LA.

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel brought her daughter, Matilda Ledger, to a class in LA yesterday. Jason and Michelle smiled at photographers before hopping in their car with Matilda. Michelle, Jason, and Matilda headed to the West Coast last weekend after spending some time together at Michelle's East Coast home base. Their proximity to Hollywood is handy so Jason can work on the upcoming eighth season of How I Met Your Mother. The show's producers have recently dropped hints that they may be planning a ninth season, but it's unclear whether Jason will sign on beyond 2013 just yet. There have been plenty of hints about what's to come in new How I Met Your Mother episodes, including a cameo from comedian Thomas Lennon and True Blood hottie Joe Manganiello.

Source: INFphoto.com