Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Take Matilda to Ice Cream

Jason Breaks From HIMYM For a Treat With Michelle and Matilda

Michelle Williams, Matilda Ledger, and Jason Segel were together.

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel treated Matilda Ledger to ice cream in LA yesterday afternoon. The trio are getting used to being together on the West Coast, having traveled there from NYC a month ago. Jason's in Hollywood working on the upcoming season of How I Met Your Mother, and Michelle's figuring out what her own next project will be. Jason's return to the set offered him a chance to reunite with his small-screen costars Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alyson Hannigan. All five HIMYM stars spent their Summers focusing on different endeavors. Josh supported his directorial project Liberal Arts, Cobie logged time on the set of Safe Haven, NPH went to France for a family vacation on Elton John's yacht, and Alyson adjusted to life with her new baby girl, Keeva. The gang welcomed a newbie to their midst, though, when Olympic medalist McKayla Maroney visited recently.

Source: FameFlynet