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Michelle Williams For Wonderland Magazine

Michelle Williams in Wonderland

Michelle Williams got to play serious and sexy for her latest spread for Wonderland Magazine. She did the interview before her painful month, but since then Michelle has been back to work and ready to promote her new projects. The star has always valued her privacy, but in the article she comes clean about everything from Dawson's Creek to her insecurities to being a mom to Matilda. Here are highlights:

  • On the most extravagant thing she's ever bought: "Probably my house. Is that an extravagance? I used to collect rare books. My prized book is a really beautiful unbound Shakespeare, which never made it to the publishers. I used to buy them to commemorate a job but I haven’t done it in a while. I have a penchant for Victorian jewelery now so I’m always on eBay. I’ve had to cool down because it got out of hand. I was setting my alarm for three in the morning to bid."
  • On whether or not she uses acting to get attention: "It’s a generalization but actors are either extroverts or introverts, it’s true. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why I act because I think of myself as more of an introvert. I embarrass easily. I have such problems with people looking at me. So I think, ‘Why do I do this to myself? Why do I do something so public?’ But I never expected it to be this public. It does seem like a funny choice for somebody who doesn’t really like attention."

To see what else Michelle had to say about Katie Holmes and being domestic, just read more

  • On Katie Holmes' wedding: "Everybody wants to know that. No, I didn’t go because I was working on The Tourist. To be honest, we’re not really in touch."
  • On being a workaholic: "Sometimes I wonder but I’m very happy at home just reading a book or pottering about. I love domestic life. I’m really my mother’s daughter. I like needlepoint, folding laundry and baking bread. I can be happy doing that stuff for a long time. But right now the work is so good and the opportunities are so remarkable - they’re what I’ve always hoped for - that it’s hard to pass up. You always wonder how long the good roles will keep coming."

While a lot has changed since Michelle did this interview, it's interesting to see her open up and bare her soul despite her insecurities. As for her losing touch with Katie, we can't say we're surprised - they seem so different now, but perhaps the recently reconnected moms will arrange a Matilda/Suri play date.


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