Miley Cyrus Returns to LA Following Costa Rica Vacation

Miley Cyrus Returns to LA From Her Bikini-Filled Vacation

Miley Cyrus smiled while out in LA.

Miley Cyrus smiled while out for a walk in sunny LA yesterday. She has plenty of reasons to look relaxed and happy since she's just returned home from a Costa Rica vacation with her husband-to-be, Liam Hemsworth, and her future brother- and sister-in-law, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. While away, Miley Cyrus was in her bikini for multiple beach outings. Whether cuddling with Liam on the sand or having a solo yoga session, Miley made sure to log time near the surf.

The rest will come in handy since Miley has a wedding to prep for — she's denied rumors that she and Liam are already married, despite her repeatedly calling him her "hubby" in interviews. Also, Miley's got a new movie on the way. Her So Undercover will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, Feb. 5 — check out our exclusive So Undercover clip now!