Milla Jovovich in a Bikini With Paul W.S. Anderson Pictures

Bikini-Clad Milla Jovovich and Her Husband Share Champagne Kisses in Cabo

Milla Jovovich kissed Paul W.S. Anderson in Cabo.

Milla Jovovich sported a bikini once again today in Cabo as she and her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, celebrated their anniversary at the Las Ventanas resort. Milla and Paul cracked open a bottle of Dom Perignon as they lounged on their balcony and kissed. The supermodel-turned-actress and director married two years ago yesterday, and Milla has been sharing lots of details about their romantic and sexy getaway with her Twitter followers this week. Milla and Paul have apparently been partaking in the local drink, tequila, and spending lots of adults-only time together. Meanwhile, their daughter, Ever, is in good hands as she hangs out with her grandmother. Ever is often close by Milla and Paul's sides during their travels. Milla, Ever, and Paul all attended couture week in Paris together last month, sitting front row at John Paul Gaultier's runway show as a family!