Miranda Kerr in a Bikini Pictures in October 2011 Elle

Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima Wear Their Bikinis For a Special Elle

Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima Wear Their Bikinis For a Special Elle

Miranda Kerr posed in a bikini for October's Elle. The magazine actually has four different covers this month, since her fellow Victoria's Secret Angels — Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman, and Doutzen Kroes — also wore swimsuits for the issue. Elle dedicated the month to the history of the bombshell, and they each seemed flattered to participate. Three of the four models, except Chanel, are all moms and spoke to the magazine about the challenges and joys of being working mothers. The girls said:

  • Miranda on being a working mom: "It's a good thing we all have babies the same age. We all understand what's going on. The other day I was on a shoot, and Doutzen and I were both having to pump our milk to send back to our babies."
  • Miranda on challenging shoots: "When I was shooting in New Zealand, and it was absolutely freezing cold, and I was shooting a Summer campaign. That was pretty challenging. A few of my friends and family have been on shoots with me, and they've been like, 'Hey! This isn't as easy as it seems. You are really working hard.'"
  • Chanel on getting her Angel wings: "I received the Angel wings in 2010. I will never forget the moment, just because I got these really big, classic Angel wings."
  • Adriana on her background: "To me, you know, I come from this little town in Brazil. I'm like, 'Am I dreaming? Is this really happening to me? Am I really here?' Trust me, there is nothing different besides my dog. I'm still the same girl from before."
  • Doutzen on her young son: "It's amazing what it does to life. It makes everything more important. Work even became more important. I really enjoy working, because I feel like I'm doing it for something bigger. I'm doing it for my new family."