Mischa Barton worked her smoky-eyed stare and cute dresses for the January issue of Vogue India. Lately most Mischa stories are about her DUI back in December, but these photos remind us of that California blonde we fell in love with on TV. It's probably about time that we stop the Marissa/Mischa comparisons, but if she's still doing it, we figure we can too. In the article, she talks about her interesting sense of style and handling the pitfalls of fame. Here are highlights:

  • On her character's death: "I do think that Marissa had run her course, not for any reason other than that the writers were drawing blanks as to where to go. She went through too much too quickly, she was a wild card and this was making her consistently difficult to play. It just seemed right, as sad as it was."
  • On her fashion sense: "I feel like Marissa was modelled after me—we had similar styles, but since Marissa was born and raised in California she was more casual. I am more eclectic. I'm influenced by everything—movies, photography, travel. I love to pair vintage pieces with current."

To see more pictures and to read more of what Mischa has to say about her privacy and being a celebrity just read more

  • On being a celebrity: "Fame is a challenge, but if your heart is really in your work then you can overcome that. I think you either have your head on your shoulders or you don't. I'm really close to my family and am lucky to have friends in lots of cities who for the most part aren't actors, or have 'normal' jobs, which takes my mind off the industry I'm in."
  • On trying to keep her privacy: "For me it's the absolute worst when people call you fat or make fun of the way you look, because it really hurts. I'm quite a softy, so things like that can make me depressed."

While Mischa downplays the time she spends with her entourage of very famous friends, we know she's still a part of that LA starlet set. At the end of the day though it's humbling to see she's still got insecurities like the rest of us.