Mischa got glam at amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS event at Cannes last night. She may not have a film at the festival but she's doing a great job of promoting herself and her red carpet style. She's definitely a darling of the fashion world and has no problem admitting that she's a total clotheshorse. This week in The Times UK she talks about her personal style and even admits she'd rather dress her dogs than herself. Here's more:

  • On becoming a fashion icon:
    I had absolutely no idea how much attention my clothes and I would get when I first started in The OC; it was phenomenal. Knowing I could be photographed by the paparazzi at any time while I’m hanging out in New York doesn’t actually make me dress differently or wear more make-up, although I do take routes where I’m less likely to be photographed. Also, I’m not that worried about being caught slobbing out because I’m not a sweat-pants and Uggs kinda girl.
  • Her fashion pet peeve:
    [P]eople who wear the same label head to toe like a uniform; or really blatant logos all over their clothes.
  • Her favorite labels:
    Chloé and Chanel, who have always been very good to me for red carpet events, and Balenciaga. I also love Zac Posen and Matthew Williamson, and since I have become friends with them they have made me clothes.

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