Miss Muslim World Pageant

Muslim Beauty Pageant Challenges Its Sexier Version

Contestants walked the catwalk.

Safe to say, there was no swimsuit portion — but there were lots of sequins, sashes, and smiles at the third annual pageant held this week by the World Muslimah Foundation. The group held the competition in Jakarta, Indonesia, in part as a response to the Miss World competition, which will take place next week in Indonesia as well. Instead of protesting with vitriolic signs that say "Miss World is a whore contest," as some have in the world's most populous Muslim country, the foundation for Muslim women decided to take a more productive approach with their own Islam-friendly pageant. Out of the 20 all-Muslim finalists, 21-year-old Nigerian Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola won the crown. As she was crowned, she cried and recited verses from the Koran. Obabiyi will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Mecca and India and $2,200. As for Miss World, the British-run competition has decided to also drop the bikini portion when it kicks off in Bali later this month.


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