Miss Universe Pageant Scandals

The Miss Universe Pageant's Good, Bad, and Scandalous History

The Miss Universe Pageant's Good, Bad, and Scandalous History

In one seriously awkward misstep, Miss Universe Canada crowned the wrong winner this past weekend after a scoring mistake — and this isn't the first time the Miss Universe organization has found itself immersed in controversy. Earlier this year, Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King resigned after a pornographic movie surfaced that allegedly features Melissa just months after she turned 18. And last year, the Miss Universe Canada pageant was in hot water for disqualifying transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova for not being born a woman. After a huge backlash from Jenna's supporters, the Miss Universe organization reversed its decision.

The beauty pageant world has been riddled with scandals, missteps, and fallen-from-grace pageant royalty, as the somewhat sexualized nature of the competition seems at odds with the strict rules (you can be penalized for playing beer pong, for goodness sake). So click on to learn some of the scandalous and sexy moments in the 60-year history of the emotional and bikini-filled Miss Universe beauty pageant.


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