It was a straight HBO paaaar-taaay on the set of the Sex and the City Movie yesterday, sharing hiiiiiilarious emails/pictures on their BlackBerries and advertising fellow past HBO shows on their shirts. Holla! I've pretty much resigned myself to this movie having no surprises (so hopefully the dialogue is awesome), but even more spoiler-y images have surfaced and are after the jump if you want to see them. I contend that the spoiler isn't so bad, just saying. This movie's going up against a bit of a challenge with the world already seeing both the plot secrets and fabulous outfits — hey, here's to all the scenes filmed indoors, right? Plus, it's not like it will be hurting for hype.

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Carrie is getting married! That, or they're messing with us on set, which is completely plausible.

Images include Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Evan Handler.

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