The adorable Isabella Damon took a walk with grandma at the beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel, where the family is staying while Matt is in town to be honored with a star on the Walk of Fame and attend his LA Bourne Ultimatum premiere. Unfortunately precious Isabella didn't get to go to the big premiere, but her hot dad was the man of the hour alongside his BFF Ben. Matt's been talking a lot about differences between Bourne and Bond but he does think his character could hold his own if the two were ever to face off. Matt said, "It's tough. I wouldn't bet against Bourne... Bond had all those gadgets, though."

James may have more fun gadgets than Jason, but it goes without saying that we'll take Bourne over Bond any day. We can't wait to be on the edge of our seats for The Bourne Ultimatum. We just wish August 3rd would get here already so we can check out Matt on the big screen again.

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