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Hello everybody this is a little story of my First hot yoga class. my best friend (a guy) told me he had started a new yoga class that was really a good work out and said I should try it . I work out 3 times a week and I do keep myself in good shape but I never thought of yoga as a really hard work out but  he told me I would really be surprised so I called and ask about the classes the guy that I talked to an instructor told me I would love it also and he was having a class that night at 7pm to come by and try one class and see what I thought so I agreed I ask him what too wear he told me they had mats I could use just to wear form fitting shorts and a sports bra or a light weight top so I stopped by the sporting goods store on my way home from work and went in to see what I could find I ended up getting a pair of white Danskinn short shorts and a matching sports bra to match they were light weight and the girl at the store said they were perfect for yoga so I went home took a shower and put them on and went to class as I was driving to the class I thought how sexy I felt wearing nothing but white spandex  it really shown off my tan and I was feeling really good about myself  when I got there the instructor was at the front desk introduced himself and had me fill out a form and then gave me a mat  told me the class would start in about ten Min's .he told me if I needed to use to rest room to do it before I went into the class room the class was 90 Min's long and once it started you weren't aloud to leave the class room until the class was over . So I went to the restroom got a good drink of water and went in the class room  others were already in the room they had there mats unrolled and were laying there waiting the room was very hot about 105 degrees I went up to the front of the room in front of the mirrored wall and unrolled my mat and laid down the room was dark except for a light by the door I closed my eyes and laid there I could hear other coming in and placing there mats around the room  soon the lights came on the instructor came in the room and everyone stood up I looked around the room and I was surprises to see that it was mostly men there was only three other women and I in a class if about 20 people I was already sweating before we even got started the instructor introduced himself to the class and then introduced me and two of the men as first time students we turned and said Hi to everyone  and the class began. it was really hot it wasn't long before sweat was dripping off me my mat had a pool of my sweat on it and I was really having trouble not slipping as I did my moves in one move I was setting on my mat we reached for our big toes and spread our legs apart as far as we could and rolled back on to our backs my instructor came to me and squatted down in front of me and took his hands and ran them up and down my inter thighs and ask if I could fell the stretch I smiled as much as I could soaked with my sweat and said yes he looked me up and down and smiles he told me I was really doing a FINE JOB  for my first class next we had our butts up in the air   and  I was felling really exposed  then we stood up again and when I turned to the front of the room I saw myself in the mirrow  I couldn't believe it my white Dannskinn  was just that a skin I was embarrassed my shorts and top were totally see thru  It was as if I was doing the class naked in front of everyone every thing was in full sight my nipples were bare my ass was completely visible and my  lower lips were open and on full display for the entire class to see  I was so shocked every time I turned around the men around me all smiled and seemed to be loving the show  I was so humiliated finally when the class was over we all laid down and the instructor turned the lights down low again and the people started leaving  after a few Min's I worked up the nerve to go I had to turn in my mat my instructor smiled and ask me how I liked my first class I told him I was so embarrassed  he told me not to worry about it it happens to allot of first timers I left the building still wet and exposed my drive home was really embarrassing and I will never forget the men as I was leaving the building all saying it was nice to see you . Thank God my best friend was not there to see me .

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vicentetights vicentetights 4 years
sorry about the spandex thing hope you will not stop wearing spandex
FunSally FunSally 4 years
No I will never go back
Barefoot-Chick Barefoot-Chick 4 years
Hmmm, idk that sounds like one weird class ... are you going back or is that it??

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