Summer blockbuster season is officially in full gear! Iron Man kicked things off but this weekend it's all about Indy and die-hard fans are already in theaters watching the long awaited fourth installment of the Ford/Lucas/Spielberg film. Shia may be the newcomer but he already knows how important it is to take his mentor's advice. When ET asked Shia what he's learned from the veteran actor he said, "Stay humble." We love it and hope he sticks to it. The cast showed up last night in NYC to express their gratitude to fans for a special screening. Oh and some other celebrities like Eric McCormack showed up as well. He looks so cute, makes me miss Will & Grace a little. I wonder if they agreed with Buzz's review of the film.

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Images include: Harrison Ford, Brian Williams, Seth Meyers, Eric McCormack, Debra Winger, Carol Alt, Karen Allen, Nikki Blonsky, James Lipton, Joan Allen, Adam Duritz, Shia LaBeouf