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Natalie Brings Boleyn Girl and Boob Talk

Natalie Portman took the promotional reigns without Scarlett Johansson at a screening of The Other Boleyn Girl in NYC last night. She looked gorgeous, of course, but not as happy as with her on-screen sister by her side. On Sunday Natalie was profiled in The Times of London, which as usual made her seem nothing short of perfect. Though, she did reveal a bit of a sassy side talking about Isaac Mizrahi grabbing Scarlett's breast at the 2006 Golden Globes, "Seriously, I would want to grab them. She’s got beautiful ones, but, Isaac, that was not so appropriate." She also weighed in on another of her contemporaries, Miss Britney Spears. Natalie said:

“We both had the same first job. We both understudied for an off-Broadway musical called Ruthless. I never met her, but I took over from her when she left to join the Mickey Mouse Club. So we connected over that. She invited me to a few things and my guy friends at college said, ‘We have to go.’ I’m sad to see how everyone’s treating her now...Any time I see something about Britney, I close it. I can’t look at it. I’m usually interested in gossip, but this makes my stomach hurt.”

Britney and Natalie seem like night and day in the starlet set, but of course Natalie has compassion for the fallen pop star. I'm mostly surprised that she'd even admit that she's ever into gossip at all. Maybe working on the soap opera-y period piece piqued Natalie's interest in the salacious rumor mill — not that I don't relate, wink.










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