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Natalie and Gael's Secret Pre-V-Day Rendezvous

Natalie and Gael's Secret Pre-V-Day Rendezvous

The always-adorable Natalie Portman was caught leaving Berlin's China Club with ex (cough, not anymore?) boyfriend Gael Garcia Bernal this week. I've secretly been pulling for the recent rumors of Natalie and Gael's covert get-togethers to be true, and it looks like my wishes may be granted. After leaving the club together, the two supposedly hopped into a limo and drove to the Ritz-Carlton. Something tells me that these two have been back together for a while now (after initially breaking up in 2004) and have since been combining their intellectual prowess and street-smarts to out-wile the paparazzi. Not this time, though, not this time. It's so refreshing to see two of young H'wood's most intelligent actors getting together -- and it certainly doesn't hurt that they're both smoking hot, too.






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