Natalie Portman at Audrey Hepburn Children's House Pictures

Natalie Portman Wears White For a Special Children's Charity Event

Natalie Portman wore a white dress to the Audrey Hepburn Children's House.

Natalie Portman posed for photos outside of the Audrey Hepburn Children's House in New Jersey this afternoon. She was joined by Audrey's son Sean Ferrer for the event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the location's opening. Natalie serves as an honorary godmother and an advisory board member for the charity, which helps abused and neglected children.

Natalie's been stepping out when she's not busy with her son, Aleph. Last month, she traveled to Washington DC to speak at the Holocaust Memorial Museum's Elie Wiesel National Tribute Dinner and announced her involvement as an ambassador with Free the Children in Paris.

Source: Getty