In between promoting The Other Boleyn Girl all around the world, Natalie Portman found time to pose for another stunning photoshoot, this time for the April Marie Claire UK. With all Natalie's acting success it can be easy to forget she has a Harvard degree to go with that pretty face. When asked about it, she said, "I can be pretentious and talk about books for hours, but I’m not hyper-intellectual or anything. I mean, I like to read, but lots of people do. I’m not the hard, brainy girl at all. I’m really mushy. [Laughs.] I’m much more mush, I think, than anything else!" While Natalie should never be ashamed of being smart, it's nice to know she loves her soft side too. Also, in case you missed any of PopSugar UK's conversation with Natalie and Scarlett about life, love, politics and their movie — check out their last installment today!