Natalie Portman rolled out yet another adorable photoshoot, and this time around she got to play tennis and hang out with a cute puppy in the pages of Teen Vogue. She's definitely a much welcomed break in the midst of young stars who seem like they're always trying for sex appeal in their photos. While Natalie is one of the more grounded celebs Hollywood has to offer, in the article she assures us that she doesn't put herself on a pedestal, saying,

"Everyone could be an E! True Hollywood Story. Everyone. Everyone has their sadnesses and tragedies and difficult times and nights they're embarrassed about. Unless you're a saint."

While we can't even imagine Natalie embarrassing herself, at least she admits she's human, too. Natalie always manages to impress us with her poise and words of wisdom — she's just the kind of role model that teenage girls can really look up to.

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