Drew and Hugh premiered Music and Lyrics in NY just in time for Valentine's Day. The duo look like a great match on the red carpet together so we can only imagine what they are like onscreen. The film itself is a standard romantic comedy, a genre in which Drew excels, but even she knows that the stories aren't always entirely realistic. Here's more:

You know, sometimes I worry,” says Drew Barrymore, “I think, Am I working in a trade that fools people, especially girls, into thinking that this is what real life is going to be like?”

Well, of course she is—and she’s cool with that in the end.

“I do weirdly think that life can be like that,” she adds. “I think the best thing in the world is ‘the run’ in a movie, where a man realizes that he wants the woman and he runs toward her. That run to me is like—that happens in real life. I mean, it doesn’t happen in two hours. You still have to figure out how to work through each day, but I do think there are moments in my life when it’s been like the exact epitome of a great love story.”

It's always refreshing to hear Drew talk about love. While we bet that she won't be without a man for too long, in the meantime we're happy to watch her fall in love on the big screen. As for her new straight hair look, I am not a huge fan. I love the free flowing Drew and this version, while still pretty, is a little too done up for me. To see what I mean in the many more pics, just read more