Jessica Simpson didn't seem to be shedding many tears over John as she continued to party it up Cannes style at the In the Hands of Gods Nike Party last night. Jess looks a lot more covered up than she did last night, but we're still not loving this outfit. We told you yesterday that we weren't exactly sure why she was even at the festival in the first place, and apparently we weren't the only ones. Jude was overheard asking his agent why Jess was at the after party for his movie, My Blueberry Nights. Ouch - this hasn't exactly been the greatest week for Jess. Good thing she had her mom and Ken to help cheer her up.

As some question Jessica's presence at Cannes, others are wondering why she didn't show up at a benefit for Operation Smile the other night. In the past, Jess has been a pretty big advocate of the charity, but apparently has been snubbing the cause since her split with Nick.

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