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Nick and Jess - It's Gonna Get Nasty

Nick and Jess - It's Gonna Get Nasty

Who knew things were this bad? Maybe it's just another Pimp Daddy Simpson tactic. Make things seem even worse to land every magazine cover this weekend. US is reporting more details about the split in this weekends issue of the magazine. Apparently Jess sent Nick an email saying it was time to go public. Some say he was shocked, other say he is relived.

Now Page Six reports that Jessica has hired some insane divorce lawyer probably so Daddy Simpson can make sure that Nick does not get Jessica's money since there was apparently no prenup. Other nasty things are being said about Nick hitting Jessica which are supposedly going to be reported in People Magazine. I really don't think it's true and if it isn't than People won't publish it so I am waiting to see what they report. In the meantime, it is hearsay and probably something Joe made up so he can try to secure more of his daughters money. The more I hear, the more disappointed I am. I really liked these two as a couple and I guess when divorce lawyers are being hired, there really is no trial separation time period. Just divorce.


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