Ah, even more of Jamie Lynn Spears in OK!, now with the whole spread. Though we've covered the highlights already. Seriously though, you think OK! got enough mileage out of this cover story? Her story is probably already worth that paycheck. A week ago I knew very little about Jamie Lynn's personal life, and now she's making bigger news than her sister. It's still pretty crazy.

As for her other source of income, Nickelodeon released their statement in support of Jamie Lynn, but the fate of her show Zooey 101 is still in limbo. In the meantime, the network may be planning a special about sex and teen pregnancy based on the news. Wow, right? I guess a lot of parents have had to prematurely explain some things to their kids. What do you think, is this a topic Nick should deal with on the air or not? And do you think Jamie-Lynn would ever participate?

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