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Nicky & Stavros Take Advantage of Paris' Visiting Hours

Nicky & Stavros Take Advantage of Paris' Visiting Hours

Sunday was visiting day at the Twin Towers medical jail facility and Paris apparently had two special requests -- Nicky and Stavros. Paris broke up with Stav back in March, but he obviously still means a lot to the heiress. Think a post-lock-up reunion is in order? After the visit, Nicky had this to say about her sister's current state, "She's being strong." Over the weekend we learned that Paris will not be filing that appeal after all and the latest is that she will serve the remainder of her days where she is now -- no more Lynnwood for P. Hopefully for her sake she feels safer at this new joint and will finally resume eating/drinking without fear of a leering guard's cameraphone. We wouldn't want bathroom picks of Paris leaking to the press, now would we?






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