Nicole Doesn't Take Weight Rumors Lightly

Nicole Doesn't Take Weight Rumors Lightly

It's nice to see that Nicole was able to take some time off from filming The Simple Life 5 to relax with her man Joel, who btw is looking better than ever these days, at the hair salon. The long hours of shooting have taken a toll on Nicole's health -- she was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia. These near constant bouts of sickness aren't helping the rumors about Nicole's weight. In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Nicole reveals her frustration with all the stories. Here's more:

  • I don't care about any other rumor except the one that I have an eating disorder. That really bothers me because there are people who truly have eating disorders and it is a serious disease. To put that title on someone when it is not true is disrespectful. I've repeatedly said, "No, I don't have an eating disorder," and it has fallen on deaf ears.
  • The second I gain weight it's like, "She's had gastric bypass surgery reversed!" It's sad because what I've come to realize from watching TV and reading magazines is that it's not me that's weight-obsessed, America is weight-obsessed. It's either, "this person has an eating disorder," or "How to lose 5 pounds in 10 days." Everything is about diet and body image.

Whatever the reasons behind Nicole's dramatic weight loss, we're glad to hear that her health is not a subject that she takes lightly. We hope she figures out a way to take better care of herself on-set, too.