We already knew that Nicole Kidman would be Vogue's July cover girl, and she looks wistful, gorgeous and stylish in the Annie Leibovitz photo shoot. Just as expected, her baby bump is barely showing, but you can see how Nicole has been influenced by her pregnancy in the article. She speaks up about being a mom-to-be, her relationship with Keith, and filming Australia in the emotional interview. Here are highlights:

  • On the new baby: "When I first saw the baby on the ultrasound, I started crying. I didn't think I'd get to experience that in my lifetime. I like the unpredictable nature of it. To feel life growing with you is something very, very special, and I'm going to embrace that completely. I don't believe in flittering around the edges of things. You're either going to walk through life and experience it fully or you're going to be a voyeur. And I'm not a voyeur."
  • On finding Keith after her marriage to Tom: "Keith and I, we're more like, 'Hey' [she shrugs and smiles]. We just gently, gently sort of fell into each other. We were just two lonely people who went, 'Ah, there you are.' I'm so committed to this relationship, and so is he. I don't have addiction problems, but love is a very powerful force in my life. It's my fatal flaw and my virtue."
  • On living in Tennessee: "I've been in Tennessee, just sitting. We have a farm there, and I have an organic vegetable garden. This is a path I'd not taken before. My mum's always gardened. My sister gardens. And I've now conformed to the Kidman women's hobby of gardening. And it is just a hobby. I'm not feeding the troops. There's a softness to the Tennessee landscape that I just love. It's very beautiful out there. We have deer and wild turkeys."

To see more photos of Nicole's shoot and hear what she has to say about the fake pregnancy rumors, and filming Australia just read more.

  • On the rumors that she's not really pregnant: "Just look at how I'm sitting here with my legs apart" [her knees splay out at a 45-degree angle], "This is the way you have to sit when you're pregnant."
  • On filming Australia: "It's the roughest thing I ever had to go through. The heat is debilitating. I was sitting on a horse once and I remember thinking, Gosh, this is what it feels like before you faint—and then I fainted. There was another time we flew in by helicopter to the Salt Flats—it was like a moonscape, there was just nothing there—and we got caught in a dust storm so bad we couldn't even see. Everybody lived out there for five days in these little silver tents. It was great. That's the adventure. That's why you make movies. It's the equivalent of The African Queen, where they were out in the wilderness and Katharine Hepburn was washing her hair with a bucket. We all want that experience."
  • On being pregnant: "My sister has had four kids, and she says that when you're pregnant you draw people to you who are genuinely happy. She's right. It taps into that thing in human nature that is universal and collective and beautiful. You can fight life. You can wriggle and squirm and say, 'This isn't right.' But I'm glad I've learned to let things flow. I'm now so much more capable of receiving love and giving it in a far different way. So to be given the blessing of a child at this stage of my life…you just say, 'Wow, this was meant to be.' "

Nicole sounds peacefully delighted about her new little one, and it is great to see her so happy and in love. We're looking forward to the new Urban-Kidman addition to the family and it looks like you all are just as excited.