Nicole Richie was spotted out in LA yesterday in her cozy boots which happen to be one of Oprah's favorite things this year. Oprah has always been incredibly generous, but now Nicole and Joel are giving things away as well. The couple is donating their baby shower gifts to families in need. As one of the many guests that got to be part of the Wizard of Oz shower fun, Rashida Jones talked about how great the sentiment was. She said:

"It's really sweet. With all the swag these days, we're given so much stuff it's almost wasteful, and it's kind of nice when we're giving to each other to give to someone else."

As we head into the holiday season, it's definitely inspiring to see celebs giving gifts to those in need. We know it's easy to get wrapped up in the stress of holiday shopping, hopefully, most of us will find a little bit of time to follow their good example.