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Nicole Richie on Raising Her Kids Right: "It's Important to Me That They Have Stability"

Nicole Richie struck a pose for DuJour.

Nicole Richie has the honor of covering DuJour magazine's second-ever issue. Nicole fronts the October 2012 installment, and celebrated its debut last weekend at a party with publisher Jason Binn in LA. The accompanying interview was timed to coincide with the launch of Nicole's limited-edition collection for Macy's Impulse. Nicole spoke about her design process and the importance of being open to criticism. She also spoke about life with her husband, Joel Madden, and their kids, Harlow and Sparrow, addressing the differences between her family now and the way she was raised. Here are highlights from Nicole Richie in DuJour:

  • On differences between the way she was raised and her kids now: "One of the biggest differences in the way I'm raising my kids versus the way I was raised is that I was on tour a lot. I don't really do that with my kids. It's important to me that they have stability. I like them to be home. I was taken out of school and had tutors. By the time my father went on stage, I was asleep. . . . There's no right or wrong way to raise a family. Look, I don't know anyone who can say they don't just try and do the best that they can do."
  • On criticism about her designs: "Every season, I have pieces that I'm passionate about but for whatever reason the stores don't want them. You have to get used to it, show them another season. You have to let them go. . . . Always be open to criticism. Criticism is the best thing you can ever get, because it's someone's honest opinion; you need to hear it. What's the point of hearing how great you are all the time?"
  • On continuing to learn: "I don't ever want to get to a place where I feel like I've conquered everything and I have nothing else to do. I'm 30 years old. I have a lot to learn."