Obama at the Jersey Shore May 2013

President Obama: "The Jersey Shore Is Back"

President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie toured through Point Pleasant, NJ, to view efforts to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

President Barack Obama visited the New Jersey shore to follow up on the rebuilding efforts since Hurricane Sandy today. After playing a few boardwalk games with Republican Governor Chris Christie, Obama spoke to the crowds at Asbury Park Convention Hall and announced the area's reopening. "You are stronger than the storm. The Jersey Shore is back, and it's open for business." Damages from Sandy have been estimated at $38 billion, affecting nearly 360,000 homes and apartments. Since October, the federal government has put more than $14 billion toward rebuilding the areas that were affected, and in his speech, Obama noted that there's still a lot of work to be done.

This isn't the first time Obama and Christie have made headlines. Immediately following the October storm, they toured the coastline together, and Christie's praise for the president's support sparked controversy due to the timing just before the presidential election.