Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Hugging Pictures

Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Share a Friendly Hug on the Streets of LA

Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth hugging in LA.

Orlando Bloom ran into Kate Bosworth during a day out on his bike in LA last week. He pulled over while Kate was getting into her car, and the two chatted and then hugged goodbye. It looks like it was a friendly meeting between the exes, who dated for four years before breaking up in 2006. Kate then moved on with model James Rousseau and Orlando started seeing Miranda Kerr in 2007. Miranda and Orlando were married last year, and the couple welcomed their first child, Flynn, in January. Orlando's been hanging out solo on the West Coast lately while Miranda is on a trip to NYC, and she was spotted on a jog with Heidi Klum over the weekend. Kate, meanwhile, has her website JewelMint and promotion for her upcoming movie with boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard, Straw Dogs, filling up her schedule.

Source: AKM Images