Orlando Bloom just keeps getting better. Not only was the 30-year-old actor looking all cute in his aviators bouncing from the LA premiere of At World's End to the Tokyo one, but he is one of the few actors who is still completely great when he opens his mouth. Here are highlights from Mr. Bloom's recent interview with the UK's Mirror:

  • On Dating: "I find the whole dating thing very hard actually. Well, dating the girl I feel 'right' with, I mean. But I am a romantic and I like the idea of being in love, of thinking about that person all day long. And kids are next for the star, who says: "I'd like to start a family one day and live more of a real existence, instead of being all over the place."
  • On his Relationship with Kate Bosworth: "Kate was on one side of the world, in Australia shooting Superman, and I was on the other, in the Bahamas for Pirates. So we tried giving each other a bit of time out. And, well, there were difficulties. There are in any relationship...In our case, it was extremely unfortunate that everything was on public display. I have always tried to keep my cards close to my chest - while wearing my heart on my sleeve - but it is a really hard thing to do."

Well, something tells me that it shouldn't be too hard for Orlando to find a woman who would love to settle down with him. I mean, look at his smashdorable scruffiness? How could you not?

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