Orlando Bloom Returns to NZ With Miranda Kerr and Flynn

Orlando Returns to New Zealand With Sexy Miranda and Adorable Flynn

Orlando Bloom carried his bike gear to the car.

Orlando Bloom touched down in New Zealand today accompanied by wife Miranda Kerr and their son, Flynn. The trio arrived prepped for what appears to be an extended stay with a boatload of luggage and Orlando's bike gear in tow. It's been 10 years since Orlando and company filmed Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, and now the primary actors are returning to the island country to resume filming The Hobbit. Orlando's reprising his role as Legolas so it's likely he'll be roaming around the set in a blond wig in the upcoming weeks. Miranda recently shared with us that the Kerr-Bloom family are gearing up to celebrate Flynn's first Christmas in her native Australia, though his supermodel mom already gifted her fans with a revealing holiday surprise. Miranda posed nude for Industrie Magazine and once again proved why she and Orlando are one of the hottest couples of 2011.

Source: Rex USA