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Orlando Joins Biggest Friday Manjoymentfest Ever

Mar 30 2007 - 3:37pm

Ummmmm. Hot. I just realized that this has got to be, by far the Biggest Manjoyment Friday ever (or at least since I made up the term Manjoyment like a month ago)!! We came in strong with Mark [0], showed you silly haired but hot Beckham [0], quickly threw Justin [0] your way, sideswiped you with Gosling [0], handed you Gabriel [0], swarmed you with Ocean's 13 [0], gave you a taste of Brody [0], rewarded you with Leo [0], here's Orlando in LA and we've got a special surprise for you coming up next. Whew, I'm exhausted just typing it. Come on, there's gotta be a little something for all you ladies (or men) out there who love yourself some man, right? This is a Friday to be celebrated! Wheeee! Yay! Happy Friday!


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