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The Oscars Selfie Just Got Lego-ized

Mar 6 2014 - 7:47am

Source: Twitter user LEGO_Group [1]

The Oscars selfie [2] just got even more epic. On the heels of the Simpsons-ized version — in which Bradley Cooper kicks Homer Simpson out of the picture [3] — the A-listers have been turned into Legos. On Wednesday, the official Lego Twitter re-created the photo [4], complete with accurate placement of each star. Though they couldn't perfect Jared Leto [5]'s ombré hair — instead making him and Angelina Jolie [6] look eerily similar — or give Lupita Nyong'o's brother glasses, it's still a good re-creation of the mass-retweeted selfie. We're not sure why Bradley Cooper [7] looks so angry, but we won't question it, because everything about this is awesome.

Source: Twitter user TheEllenShow [8]

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