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Our Top 10 New Moon Red Carpet Moments!

Nov 17 2009 - 3:36pm

Last night the stars of New Moon [1] hit the red carpet, and we were there to take in all the excitement! We've combed through hundreds of pictures from the premiere and afterparties [2], plus we're gearing up to show you tons of video footage of all your favorites like Robert Pattinson [3], Taylor Lautner [4], Kristen Stewart [5], and more. We shared some of our red carpet highlights like Jennie Garth joking about shirtless Robert Pattinson [6], but here's our top 10!

Chosen One!

Kellan Lutz chose a lucky fan from the crowd to accompany him to the premiere! It took a few minutes for her to get through the masses, but Kellan waited patiently before walking arm in arm with her to catch the early screening of New Moon [7].

Serious Signage

The fan signs were one of the highlights of the night, from asking Robert for a bromance to offering up love to "Team Whatever I Can Get!" Rob looked psyched to pose with fans and hand out as many autographs as possible, though Kristen was the one who ended up with pen all over her hands — aww.

Hair-felt Moment

Whenever Robert touched his hair, the crowd let loose their biggest screams. He knows what the ladies want!

With the Band

Jackson Rathbone was hard pressed to answer whether his passions lie more with music or acting, but he was happy to promote both New Moon [8] and his upcoming 100 Monkeys album, Purple. He also laughed off questions of whether we should expect to hear a cameo from Robert on his albums ever, saying, "Nothing but Monkeys, darlin'."

Her Big Entrance

Of the three stars, Kristen Stewart was the last to arrive. The announcer's mere mention of Bella rolling up in her limo sent the fans into a frenzy . . . and that was before we even saw her gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown!

Up and Up

Anna Kendrick sparkled in her one-shoulder dress but was completely humble when we brought up the Oscar buzz for her performance in Up In The Air [9]. She says it's getting "weirder and weirder" to hear it, but of course she is totally flattered — plus, she says her friends are more impressed that she's worked with George Clooney than Robert Pattinson.

Old Friends

After doing most of their mall tours together, longtime friends Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene hit the red carpet at the same time. The two posed together, and at one point Kellan even stepped on Ashley's train — whoops! Kellan was especially grateful for all the attention that's been paid to his charity work recently.

His Two Loves

Peter Facinelli planted lots of kisses on his wife Jennie Garth, but he was also eager to show off another of his passions — his iPhone! He whipped it out during tons of interviews, showing off his new favorite app in which you can "Vampire-ize" anyone's photo.

Just the Two of Us

Kristen Stewart says she hopes that New Moon [10] changes some Team Edward fans into Team Jacob ones, since that's "sort of the point" of the movie. She and Taylor Lautner posed playfully together on the red carpet, which delighted all the fans, though some were still disappointed that Robert and Kristen kept their distance.

So in Love

Cat Deeley looked thrilled to be on the arm of her boyfriend Jack Huston, who makes his Twilight [11] saga debut in Eclipse [12]. Cat also stopped to compliment Lily Sheen on her stylish combination of black dress, black leggings, and black Doc Martin boots!

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