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PS: Since you spend a lot of time in a cold practice rink, what are your favorite moisturizing products for face and body?

GG: Olay has a great oil-free face, the Foaming Face Wash ($6), that I use because, after working out all day, my face can get really greasy and oily. I also need lotion because the rink is so dry and the Winter months are always so cold.

PS: What are the beauty essentials (hair, makeup, skin care) you packed for Sochi?

GG: I am definitely bringing all of my lotion because, even though Sochi is on the Black Sea and it is a little bit warmer, it still is pretty cold and still pretty dry! I am bringing Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off! Makeup Removal Cloths ($5), my hairbrush, and tons of Herbal Essences hairspray ($7)! And last but not least, lavender oil. Whole Foods has a great generic brand, and taking a bath with it is a great way to relax your muscles. It is also really good for your skin!

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