Something tells me that this isn't how the Chanel dress Pamela Anderson wore hosting New Year's Eve at Pure in Vegas is intended to look. Instead, she Pam Anderson-ed it out, all boobs, legs, and her signature barbed wire tattoo. You know who else was in the house? Unhygienic Justin Bobby! Noticeably absent from Pam's party was her husband Rick Salomon, though the two are still working things out. Apparently that does not involve spending New Year's together. At the party Pam talked about her crazy year saying, "Oh there's plenty [of problems]. What can you do? We're all human. We're all trying." And for 2008? "More of the same. More excitement, more fun." More of the same, eh? I guess we should be expecting another doozy of a year from Pam.

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Images include: Pamela Anderson, Chris Racine, Larry Johnson, Julissa, Justin Bobby, Tess Denim