Paris stepped outside her house this weekend to let the world know exactly how she was feeling about the judge sentencing her to 45 days in jail for violating her probation. "I told the truth yesterday," she said, "I feel that I was treated unfairly." She also said it was "both cruel and unwarranted" and that she didn't deserve it. In the wake of Friday's surprising sentence, she's also fired her publicist Elliot Mintz. She reportedly blames him for telling her she could drive when her license was suspended. Paris plans to appeal the jail sentence so it remains to be seen whether she'll actually spend any time behind bars.

In response to all this crazy Parisness, her rep for years that she has said she speaks to more than anyone else on a daily basis, has issued a statement. Poor Elliot Mintz, who has been at Ms Hilton's side through the good and bad, the 3am arrests etc, is basically taking the fall for Paris being busted for driving. It actually makes me sad to see this man - who already had the worst job ever and did it with pleasure - have to apologize like this. Elliot is taking the blame for having miscommunicated to Paris that she was allowed to drive. If this of course helps her avoid jail time then she better hire his ass back.