If Paris Hilton is looking to save the world before bedtime, she's really got her work cut out for her. One place to start would be the vet, where she supposedly left her kitten, Prada, and never picked her up. The cat was eventually repossessed by the agency Paris adopted her from, but Paris' camp denies the whole thing. That's nothing compared to the other personal drama Paris should attend to — her little brother Barron's DUI. When asked about the situation, she said, Paris said, "I am sad for my little brother. I hear he is doing OK. I am there for him and will be speaking to him in an hour or so, hopefully, to lend my support." Apparently Barron had even turned to Paris first after he was arrested, but she refused to bail him out of jail, saying, "You're going to learn your lesson." Seems like Barron could use a bedtime story from his big sister about her time spent in an orange jumpsuit.