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Paris Hilton at Miss Turkey 2008 Contest

Paris Is a Very Inspirational Belly Dancer

Paris Hilton is overseas to follow Benji's Good Charlotte tour, but she's keeping busy, including last night's role as a judge in the Miss Turkey 2008 contest. Before her big night, she talked to the press about being a role model for young women. She said, "I don't pay attention to lies because I am a good person, I work very hard and I've built this empire on my own. I think this is an inspiration for a lot of girls out there." I'm sure it is . . . though there are more than a few things Paris has gotten herself up to that young women probably shouldn't aim for. To Paris's credit, she was a good sport during the pageant when she was dragged on stage to show off her "belly dancing" skills. Check out the video below — laughable, sure, but at least she kept a smile on her face.







Turkey Paris Hilton

To see video of Paris's valiant attempts at belly dancing just read more

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