Paris Hilton Swimsuit Pictures in Australia

Paris Hilton Shows Skin Down Under in a Cutout Swimsuit

Paris Hilton enjoyed the view of Bondi Beach in a blue bathing suit with cutouts.

Paris Hilton turned a beachside stroll into a photo shoot today in Sydney. She posed for a few pictures while taking in the sights of Bondi Beach, decked out in a monokini and layered Missoni-esque wrap. So far, Paris is having a grand old time in Australia. She's tweeted things like "having the best time!" and "love Bondi Beach!" so far today.

Paris is Down Under hanging out with her current main squeeze, DJ Afrojack. Afrojack, whose real name is Nick van de Wall, is scheduled to DJ at Sydney's Marquee nightclub tomorrow. Then he's off for a few jobs around Asia, including in China, Japan, and Thailand. Traveling with Nick has given Paris plenty of time to soak up the sun. Paris Hilton was in a bikini just last week while enjoying a day out in Miami with her sister Nicky.