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Paris Loves Fans Who Don't Ask About the Coke Dude

Paris Loves Fans Who Don't Ask About the Coke Dude

Paris Hilton isn't having her Best Week Ever, to put it lightly. Not only has the whole world gotten an intimate glimpse into her medical records, drug history, and pants, but I'm willing to guess her friends aren't all that pleased to see their personal histories aired to the public either. Plus, we all got a lovely chance to make fun of just how horribly she used to dress. Heh. So last night when she came home to the usual throng of adoring stalkers fans and paparazzi, she wasn't in the mood for small talk and rushed right by. Just a few minutes later, however, Paris remembered that she's in the middle of a giant PR nightmare and sent a note out to some of the young girls waiting outside:

X17 Online

I'm sorry for running in so fast - it's just I've had a long day and the paparazzi are asking me disrespectful questions and I don't like it.
Enjoy the pics -
Love, Paris

On the other side was, of course, a sexy shot of Paris herself from a recent photoshoot. She would have just written the note on the back of her favorite pic of herself, Nicole, Nicky and...Michael Jackson, but we all know what happened to that one.



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