Paris Hilton was pink from head to toe shopping with Benji yesterday, but at night things got a little more dramatic when the couple ran over a paparazzo's foot leaving Foxtail. Whoops. She seems to have found both a boyfriend and a best friend in her two-month companion (and going strong!), but he's going to have to play second fiddle starting soon when she moves into a house with a few lucky(?) hopefuls vying to be her new best friend. Paris recently sat down to talk about what she's looking for in that coveted BFF. She said:

AP: What are some of the qualities you're looking for in a new best friend?

Hilton: Just someone who's fun, someone who I can trust and just someone who, I don't know, just someone to get along with that is not going to screw me over. Just someone to have a great time with.

AP: You recently found a new best friend in Benji Madden. What are some of the challenges in finding friends you click with?

Hilton: It is hard meeting new people. Most of my friends I've had my entire life, like obviously my sister and Nicole Richie have been with me forever. So when I meet new people, I'm always a little wary of the reason they may want to become my friend. I can usually just tell by when we're out in public and there's paparazzi around, I see, you know, who gets a little bit too excited or whatever. I can tell how those people are.

Well that doesn't seem like too much to ask — but come on, we all know Paris loves herself the paparazzi, even if it doesn't excite her anymore. I'm just not going to put too many bets on the length of that friendship once the cameras stop rolling.

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