Paris doesn't turn 27 until next weekend but America's number one party girl started a week early with an 80's themed party this weekend at Area. The pink haired, tiara wearing heiress may have had fun at her pre-birthday bash but one thing she could not be happy about was the box office bomb that was The Hottie and the Nottie. As reported earlier, the movie opened on just over 100 screens and now it turns out the per screen average was only $225 bringing in a whopping $25,000 weekend total. Pathetic and not a good sign for the wanna-be-actress. To put it in perspective, Fool's Gold scored the top box office spot with $22 mil on over 3,000 screens — that's over $7,000 per screen. Hmm, methinks Paris's agent is going to have a hard time scoring her next big screen role.

Don't even get us started on Paris' party attendees — PR guru Elliot Mintz's horrible outfit/costume and the fact that Britney's "cousin" Alli Simms was there. To see more of them and Paris and BFF of the night, Brittny Gastineau, just read more.

Images include: Paris Hilton, Alli Simms, Elliot Mintz, Brittny Gastineau

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