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Paris Regrets Making Fun of DUI

Paris wisely let Josh drive while out and about in LA last night. In light of recent news that she could go to jail for violating her probation, Paris has to be more cautious than ever about her actions. Its no wonder then why she's acting fast to get her skit pulled from tonight's premiere of Nick Cannon's new sketch series Short Circuitz. In it, Paris is the star of a fake infomercial for WWPD (What Would Paris Do?) bracelets, in which she makes light of her DUI. Here's more:

In the sketch - which was included on a copy of the show sent to TV critics last week - the action shifts from salesgirl Paris to "real-life" situations in which people look to their bracelets for advice. In one instance, a leggy blonde in a short skirt is busted for drunken driving. After checking her Hilton bracelet, she starts grinding on one of the cops as if he were a stripper pole. "I can't arrest you, you're too fabulous," says the officer.

While this may have turned out to be Paris' most clever work yet, something tells us a judge wouldn't be a huge fan of the skit. Plus, seducing an officer to get out of a DUI is probably not such a good message to send to the kids.

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