Perhaps as part of her efforts to be a better person, Paris kept her partying eco-friendly at BPM magazine's Green 11th anniversary party last night. It looks like she's not ready to hit the red carpet with Tyler Atkins, but her latest beach boy toy isn't out of the picture yet. In fact, he's already gushing about the time he's been spending with Paris, saying, "She is a really smart, amazing girl and we share similar interests. She's a cool girl and we're having a really great time enjoying each other's company." Sounds like someone is a little smitten with Ms. Hilton - maybe if he's lucky, she'll even let him pick up the tab on the next run to Taco Bell.

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Images include Paris Hilton, Cisco Adler, Rex Lee, Constantine Maroulis, Lauren German, Missy Peregrym, Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia Wilde, and Natalia Livingston.

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