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Paris Very Very Very Exposed

Yikes. Well, perhaps I spoke too soon about never again having to bear witness to Paris Hilton's private life. As you may recall, a while ago when Paris moved houses she left many of her personal belongings in a storage facility. She subsequently forgot to pay the bills on said storage and the unit's proprietors sold the contents. Shady business practices much? Anyway, the man (or woman, I'm not sure we know) who bought the unit's contents put up a website yesterday, Paris Exposed (NSFW), offering a $39.97/month subscription service for access to all of Paris' personal effects. Still following? Here's where it gets juicy. Among (many, many) other things, the website claims that the subscription gets you access to the following:

  • Have you ever seen a kilo of cocaine? How about on someone's chest? (Ed note: Yeah right.) [Watch billionaire kids snort cocaine off the chest of one of their friends].
  • What does she really think about Nicole Ritchie (sic)? Read exclusive notes and letters.
  • Did she really give Cher's son genital herpes? (Ed note: Hilarious)
  • Is Paris still bisexual? See the videos
  • Get the private phone numbers of 1,000's of celebrities including Donald Trump, Chelsea Clinton (Ed note: Random), Michael Jackson, Nicole Ritchie (sic), Christina Aguilera, Pink, Madonna, Governor Schwarzenegger and many more.

Seriously, go check it out. The list, if true, offers a pretty intense invasion of privacy. Paris' towel boy Publicist Elliot Mintz has responded by saying "We certainly are going to explore all of our legal options about this matter." If there is any truth to the website's claims, expect to see all the contents vomited onto the internet quite soon. I, for one, am holding my breath.

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