Patrick Dempsey took his trusty red bike for a spin in his favorite spandex this weekend. It's pretty clear that biking is his preferred method of fitness, so it's no surprise that Patrick is trying to get his little ones into the habit as well. In the June issue of Redbook, Patrick opens up about being a family man and how he differs from the doctor he plays on TV. Here's more:

On what activities he wants to share with his kids:

Sports, skiing, cycling. That's the great thing about my daughter now. She's a great buddy. We go cycling; we can do that. We can have great conversations. I'm a few years out with the boys. I waited to have kids later in life, so my physical prowess is waning, but I've got to stay in shape for them -- so they can't kick my ass at 3 years old.

On his relationship with his wife, Jillian :
I hope I still make her swoon! Sometimes I think, God, would Derek Shepherd do this? because I am certainly not a perfect male at this moment. Just trying to provide and communicate and let her know how beautiful and important she is to me -- I think those things make her swoon.

We couldn't be happier that Patrick was able to make such a huge comeback in his career. Hearing about his devotion to his family definitely makes him even sexier, sweeter and very deserving of his successes. That being said, we still prefer tuxedo Patrick to spandex Patrick.